Hosting Trivia Night Using Kahoot and Zoom

One way that I’ve been able to stay connected with family during the quarantine is by hosting a semi-regular trivia night. It’s been a lot of fun so I thought I’d share my setup. Kahoot To facilitate the trivia part of trivia night, I use Kahoot. Kahoot is a platform for hosting games with questions.

What I've Been Reading During the Pandemic

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, and the pandemic hasn’t stopped my appetite for books. I have, however, steered clear of anything dystopian or post-apocalyptic, because who wants to read about that at a time like this! Instead, I’ve taken in the rare historical fiction novel along with the usual sci-fi and mystery/thriller books.

Continuous Deployment Via FTP For Hugo Using GitHub Actions

After I migrated my website to Hugo, I needed a way to deploy the site to my host without manually FTPing files every time I make change. Netlify has support for static site hosting and continuous deployment, but I wasn’t looking to switch hosts. Previously I used AppVeyor to deploy, but this time I decided to use GitHub Actions to automate building and deploying the site whenever I push changes to master.

Migrating to Hugo

I started using a static site generator for my personal site back in 2018. I was looking for a more lightweight platform than Wordpress, and SSG’s were a great alternative. Especially since they fit great into CI/CD workflows. I selected Wyam because it’s written in C# and used Razor for it’s templating syntax, which made my transition easier since I’m already familiar with both of those.

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