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The Importance of Game 4

Originally published at Medium on April 29, 2013. I still find it extremely relevant so I’m reposting it here. I’m going to make this short and sweet. Over the next several weeks, you’ll hear several smart people talk about how critical Game 5 is of a 7-game series. After all, in a series that’s tied 2-2, the team who wins Game 5 takes commanding control of the series.


Kobe Bean Bryant. August 23, 1978 - January 26, 2020. My mind has been all over the place since Kobe’s tragic death. I’ve been thinking about mortality, fatherhood, legacy, basketball, grief, depression, happiness, forgiveness, appreciation, family, friendship…as I said, all over the place. As I’ve been reading and listening to people speak about Kobe’s career, I found my thought’s in an interesting place: The Wise Man’s Fear.